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With nearly 2500 Bible versions available across over 1600 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available.

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Everything you need from the Bible in one discoverable place.

Multiple Bibles in one unified format

Access multiple versions all with unified formatting. We’ve coverted propireaty text formats so you can focus on building your app, not text conversions.

Search the Bible

Search the Bible for any reference or keyword directly from your site or app. Our API makes it easy to integrate search functionailty so users can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Digital Bible Library Integration

If you’re a Digital Bible Library card holder, you can now use your DBL licenses directly within API.Bible.

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What we have to offer

  • Bibles

    Specific editions of the Bible such as the New International Version (NIV) or King James Version (KJV). Versions have many books.

  • Books

    These are the books of the Bible. Books belong to versions and book groups.

  • Chapters

    These are sub-sections of a selected book. Chapters belong to books and have many verses.

  • Sections

    Capture a list of sections for the designated chapter along with titles of those sections. (i.e. “The Birth of Jesus Christ)

  • Verses

    These are the smallest unit of organization within the ABS Bible texts. Verses belong to chapters.

  • Passages

    Capture a range of verses when looking for a grouping (i.e. MAT.1.12-MAT.1.20)

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If you’re looking for a specific versions or formats please reach out to us. We’re working hard on our end to continue to work with publishers to grow the API.

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We’re always looking for more publishers to work with. We protect our partners and customers through the Fair Use Management System. Contact us to work together.

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Using the API

The BibleSearch API allows any developer to include Scripture content and text anywhere in their website or application for non-commercial purposes.

  • Always use the copyright to credit publishers
  • Always display the Bible appropriately
  • Use the Bible in its correct context


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Free Non-commercial usage
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Thorough documentation

Our docs are written by developers and for developers with many languages to make things easy to understand and faster to use.


A community of help

Our forum is checked by our team every day. See other questions and forum discussions to problem shoot any confusion that comes about.

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Each tool is developed with ease of use in mind. We make it easy and non-technical to get started.

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Fair Use Management System

The Fair Use Management System helps us to profile how Scripture content is being used by the API. To use it, you include a small extra snippet of JavaScript code wherever you display the result of an API call on your website. The API will always return the correct JavaScript to use for the call you've made, so you can simply add it to your website.

Trust us

  • No personally-identifiable information is saved or tracked
  • Visitors won't be impacted by its use
  • Optimized code and JavaScript delivery to ensure speed
  • Building a better API

Building a better API

  • Helps us to profile how Scripture content is being used
  • Informs Scripture publishers how their content is being used
  • Access statistics showing how the API data that you're displaying on your site is being used by your users

This API is made possible by organizations working together.

  • Every Tribe. Every Nation.
  • Digital Bible Library
  • American Bible Society
  • United Bible Societies

A Community of Support

The Bible API is continuously being worked on and used by people and organizations all around the world. You can submit a ticket request whenever you encounter issues or questions.

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